About me

It really shouldn't be that difficult...

— Me, just before finding out


  • Over 16 years of experience in the game industry
  • Work through redundancy, international reloctaion, studio closeres…
  • More than six years in technical leadership roles, from AAA to indie
  • Guided a team in a studio leadership role for ~2 years, wearing all the hats
  • My gamedev journey spans 18+ years and 3 console generations
  • Lifelong gaming fan: Amiga ➜ PS1➜ Xbox ➜ 360 ➜ PS4 ➜ PC 🤓

The long form of this kinda stuff is availeble on LinkedIn.


For some reason, I still enjoy trying to solve all of the never-ending problems that arise when making video games.

Sitting somewhere between art and science, a mix of creativity and calculation, games can bring us a small escape from the horrible place we’ve created on earth.


Often people only sum themselves up as their professional esperiences and achedemic achievemtns (like above).

But, the impetus of this blog is pushing my current knowlege and hopefully reaching some of my future goals as a developer, leader and business person.

Here a few lists of things that are currently brewing and topics that I’m desperately trying to find more time for.

Game Tech

  • Seamless player experiences
  • Procedural generation, especially level design
  • User generated content,
  • Co-op multiplayer


  • C++20 and beyond, and languares that compete in this space
  • Data Oriented Design
  • Strongly typed APIs
  • Functional programming


  • Tools and techniques to align multi discipline teams
  • Reducing iteration and validation time for software development
  • Improving technical scoping
  • Refining singal to noise ratio of communications, especially hybrid and remote orgs

Future Projects

  • Make my own programming language
  • Finish a small game where all code and assets are mine
  • Engine agnostic procedural generation libary
  • Open source engine contribution, open source investment in general!